How a Game of Golf Keeps You Young Forever

Miracles do happen. Only you have to accept the challenge.

Age is ageless. Age is in your mind. If you can accept the challenge not to age…you can do that.  At any age you can become a Golf Star.

Life begins the day you take birth…life ends the day you leave. You are rich and you are aging.

Entire cosmos are aging every second…no one can control it. But certainly you can keep up your health. Yes, you can keep yourself young forever. And the secret lies in a game of golf.

‘It is simply not possible’, ‘You must be kidding’…these thoughts might be coming to your mind, while reading this article.

It is a fact. The secret of everlasting youth lies in a simple, innocent game of Golf. The first and the most important point is your Golf game keeps you fit. Energy; excitement are the key words in maintaining your youth. At any age you are capable of becoming another Tiger Wood.

The moment you think of this…an excitement with determination enters your mind. And your mind sends the vibration to your entire body…it explodes all over. This vibration has pinned the fountain of youth in you. And once again…a youth has opened its eyes inside you… and you want to become the biggest Golf star. A Golf course will help you so for a good Golf course.

Yes, it is possible at any age.

Have you ever noticed how do you feel… when you are excited? The moment you think to play Golf or the moment you think to learn, how to play golf… you get excited. And this excitement is the key. It vibrates. And this vibration; this sensation rejuvenate every sells in your body. That is a healthy sign.

You feel relaxed. When you practice or when you play Golf… you are always concerned.  Determination has taken control of your entire being. And now you are Focused.

Golf is merely a game. But it has triggered two very important energies in you. And those energies are- ‘Determination’ and ‘Focus’. And these are Golf lessons.

Golf has taken you back in your younger days… when you used to give lectures on these subjects. A provocation was needed… Golf has just provoked.

This Golf lesson you can get only when you practice your golf game, with full determination that you have to become a Golf star. Golf clubs are very helpful. A good Golf club is very helpful in developing’ discussing your Golf game…you can learn many new things.

Your Golf game, has created a want; a wish in you…a desire to stay in your youth, a wish to keep the stamina intact. And this very wish; which your game of Golf has created inside you is the key… of your eternal youth.

Age is in mind. At any age you can become excited. And this excitement will shake you thoroughly.

You start imagining, you Golf heroes before you. The want… to become like them keeps you healthy. Determination to practice keeps your eyesight perfect; keeps your mind alert etc. Your love for golf has given you a new confidence.

The child in you wants to win. A new youth has taken over. And merely this wish to become the best in Golf world…will keep you young FOREVER.


Golf and You- How Golf helps in removing Fatigue

Have you ever thought, what is the easiest way for a long putt?

Have you ever noticed, how do you feel, when you decide, to go for a Golf game?

  • You feel good
  • you feel happy
  • you feel relaxed
  • For a moment you forget all your worries.

If you are tiered, or if you are aged… you start loosing interest in everything. An unknown Fatigue takes over, ant it makes your life miserable. This fatigues keeps growing and now you are in a pain. You want to get rid of this fatigue… but you are unable to find remedy- How to remove this fatigue?

You have best of Dr. available for you. But this fatigue is not going. Something has to be done. Some action has to be taken.

Try a small trick, in such situations- Think of a game of Golf.  Think of your favorite Golf stars. Think of everything related to Golf. You will feel that the lost energy is coming back to you.

In such a situation, you might be surprised to know this, a game of Golf… creates Miracle. Fatigue, is dangerous. Golf, gives you happiness. A game of Golf, takes your Fatigue, from you. And you start feeling, healthy, strong.

Now go out, and start your Golf practice. You will feel that your attention is diverted and you are feeling good.

When you are playing your Golf game, you should always set a goal; a target, before you, then you start your Golf practice. Second comes, and that is very important, Focus. These two are very important energies… first set a goal then focus on it.

It does not matter how long you have played your Golf game. You are always in a good health. A game of Golf gives you a lot. While removing your fatigue… Golf has given you a Goal; Golf has given you an art… how to stay Focused.

And finally, Golf has given you determination; a healthy body and a reason to keep yourself busy in a healthy way. You were getting bored; fatigue had taken over. And in one stroke…Golf solved all your problems.


PS: And on your journey ahead, in removing fatigue, with your Golf practice, you will face many obstacles, like pain, anxiety etc. And to overcome these attacks, I have come across a very good method, that is called ‘Linden Method’…and to know what this method.


Golf and Goal-The Secret Behind Tiger Woods’ Success

Golf and Goal-The Secret Behind Tiger Woods’ Success

You have everything…still you are missing the life.

You have earned everything. Now what to do? Life has given you everything. Yet something is missing. And your disturbance starts here. What is that missing point? You start detecting the reason. You fail. What to do?

Golf is your answer. Since beginning, from a very early child-hood you wanted to become a Golf star…and you could not even become a good Golf player. This is the void. This is the reason of your restlessness. You have to become a Golf star.

You cannot buy it. And if by any chance you could do it…you will find that satisfaction is not there. What to do? You have earned everything…now what? Start preparing yourself, for a game of Golf. The very thought of playing Golf, creates a new target, in you.

To make it happen, you have to play. And to play…you have to practice. And to practice… you have to take a decision. And to take a decision…you have to make a wish.

Unless longing is there, to become a Golf star…nothing will happen. And not only wish, you have to decide, that you are going to become the best. This sort of conviction is a must, in winning any kind of target in life. And with this determination…starts your golf practice. And the void is gone.

Your choice, for a Golf bag is very important. Your choice has to be the best. And this very thought, becoming The Best, creates a determination,in you. Take your time, and concentrate. Yet, if you are missing your best shot…do not give-up.

Your love for this game Golf, will take you to a new height. Everyone uses the same techniques. But Tiger Wood is one.

Why…what is the secret behind? No money can buy it. you have earned everything…you have to earn this too. The void…comes back. What to do?

You will be surprised to know…when you detect the key; the answer behind Tiger Woods’ success…it is so simple! You have to search. No-body can teach.

Only you have to find out else…void won’t go.

Indeed Golf is a lovely game. Everyone plays nicely. Even Tiger Wood plays nicely. But why he is Tiger Wood? You have to find out.

Your practice is good. You have the best instructor. Even if you wish to learn from Tiger Wood, you can learn. You are a good Golf player.. You keep practicing regularly. You have won many matches. You have won a decent number of admirers. Yet…the void is there. You keep remembering, you keep practicing, to match the unmatched…the famous Tiger Wood swing.

You are rich. You are famous. You are very good in Golf. The void is killing you. you go on thinking about the missing point. Yes, no one can teach you; no one has the answer for you. Because…the answer is within you… you just have to look at it. The answer, the key will appear before to you. All the time it was lying within you…it is so simple. You never noticed it.

And the simple answer is- when choosing your golf bag, and when practicing your Golf game, and when playing golf… become Golf.


Golf for the Beginner- Golf Practice

Beginning is important. If you miss the beginning, you cannot reach the end.

Have you ever sincerely wished to match the famous Tiger Woods’ swing? If your answer is yes…then you can. Nothing is impossible. Golf is a wonderful game. If you are Golf lover then for you sky is the limit…in Golf. You can reach any height…only in Golf.

Start with a concentration exercise. It will keep your mind cool and healthy, and it is a must if you want to learn Golf.

Think about the super stars of Golf. Study them minutely. This is slightly tricky. Be very careful, alert here. If you start copying them then you will simply become a copy cat. But if you take out the best part of their game and use it to your own benefit in your own unique style then you will realize that in Golf…sky is the limit.

Yes and before you start learning Golf one more very important thing you have to keep in mind and that is choice of your Golf kit. You have to decide that what kind of golf kit you would like to buy. This choice differs from person to person. There is no such a rule that you have to select one particular Golf Bag for yourself.

Why a Golf Bag is so important? Because you have to carry it with you for your Golf practice. And before you start your practice you should always be relaxed.

If you are feeling tiered in the beginning, you cannot play a good Golf game. And when you start your Golf practice do not think in term of winning or losing. Just concentrate on your Golf game.Never think of excelling in the game. You should always concentrate on your Golf practice. During your Golf practice if you are feeling tiered or exhausted do not play

  • Stop your practice.
  • Just relax.
  • Sit down with folded legs.
  • Breathe normally.
  • Stay in that position for some time.

If different thoughts are coming to your mind, let them come do not try to fight them, do not try to stop them. After sometime you will start coming in your original shape. You will feel relaxed.

Now again concentrate on a particular subject, for some time only. After that if you feel like playing your Golf game you can play. But it is always better not to play that day. You can always come next day to start your Golf Practice.

After spending good days; months in you Golf practice when you feel that your Golf game is in your command, then only you start designing your own strategy. It is always advisable to practice more and to play good number of Golf games. But be careful…excess is bad.

Proper stance; proper bend and a much balanced, concentrated strike will help you in getting the first putt close.


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