Golf…Just Play

Golf…Just Play

It’s beautiful, Sunset and Sunrise looks same…here is the end, here is the beginning…

Stay here, don’t move, keep floating, something is continuously happening, inside you, too much noise is there.

Listen to the waves, there are say something. I have written these lines in another blog, http: // Sharing with you again, because, it is always fresh, Virgin.

It can be used, anywhere, all phases of your life. Because it begins with life, it ends with life.

It depends, where your interest is lying.

For example, you love golf, and you make, a sincere effort, to improve your game. You go to any extent to achieve it. Like, You Chose a best Golf club. You chose the best golf course.

Just to play. Because…you love the game. It will be a waste, if you are not totally into it.

Now the question arises, how to concentrate? What to do?

Method is simple…when playing golf, become the golf.

Staying awake, and alert, while playing your game, just look into it, that you are playing the, game…It is possible. Total commitment, total involvement. It is not easy. Mind is the problem. It takes you somewhere else.

But, you have no time, you are somewhere else in your future, thinking, the day you become rich…you will be happy- and it’s happening, Now, Here and Now, very much deep down, within you…stay here, stay alert.

And to understand, to feel this…Meditation is needed. Now the question arises…what is the techniques of Meditation?

Confusion and contradiction, has to go together.

Truth is the outcome of, Confusion and contradiction.  Truth, consists everything, confusion and contradiction, good and bad, honesty and dishonesty, everything. That is why, it is called Truth.

Now, Meditation techniques differs. Whatever techniques comes to your mind, accept it…Like, one of the very popular method is

  • Take a bath
  • Stay calm
  • Take a deep breath
  • Avoid wavering thoughts
  • Sit down, on floor
  • Fold you legs
  • Now, think about Golf
  • Concentrate

Meditation, will come to you. Hours together, you go on sitting at the same place, concentrating on a particular object…if this gives you understanding about meditation…do it. But, do it totally.

Techniques differ, from person to person. Because, ever person, have different idiosyncrasies. Goal is the same.   Nature is same. Air is same. Ways of grasping it, differs.

Mind is cunning, it will lure you, and it will take you somewhere else. It will create confusion in-side you. It will bring contradiction to you. If you are in the control of your mind, you will reach nowhere. You will stay confused. What to do?

You start searching…the techniques of meditation. You will reach nowhere. Your search, will not come to an end.

Meditation is dangerous too. Without understanding it, without knowing it, if one practice it…it might create problem.

Too much of meditation, without understanding it, too much of practice, without knowing it…might create a lifeless vacuum, an impotency in you.

Remember, Meditation is always, full of life…understand first. Understand Meditation first, before accepting it. Realize first…what Meditation is.

Meditation, opens the gate for you…from where you can feel, that, the universe is within you.

Meditation awakes. Yes, this awakening is a must. You might get lost.

This search, about meditation techniques…is a search, within you.

You do not have to go anywhere. You do not have to do anything for it.

Doing is a force…you have to do it. And meditation is not a force. Meditation is not, an extra effort.

Meditation happens…without any force.

Meditation is been happening in-side you, since the day you took birth. You never, realized it, because, you are searching the technique, somewhere else.

You sit down, at a place hours together, concentrating on a simple object, and after finishing your exercise, you feel relaxed…you have searched, the techniques. Your pilgrimage, is over.  

And after few days, or months, or years, you are back, to your original place…and your search starts, again.

Cast a deep glance within.

And in the process, of casting the glance, apply a simple method, a simple trick, do not do anything else, do not do anything extra…while casting the deep glance within you, become the glance.

You will realize, you are born meditative, only this realization, only the feel has to touch you…and when it is touching you, become the touch. And this is, the Techniques of Meditation

And after realizing meditation techniques, you can apply this method to Golf…total acceptance.

When playing, do not go anywhere, do not allow your mind to take you anywhere..stay there.



Golf and You

Have you ever tried to link, your game of golf with meditation? Have you ever made, or played your game, meditatively.

If your answer is yes, then you know your journey very well. If your answer is no, then you must try, and then experience the Miracle in happening. Some people go for a Golf Course. Then, they start practicing.

The love for your game, takes you to a Golf Club. You join a club, to stay in touch with your fellow players. This preparation, for your game, is all right. Try adding something more. You must have noticed, after finishing your game, you feel tired. Sometimes, you do not want to play. You are not happy. Something is missing in your life, though you have achieved everything.

You are rich, you are successful. You are powerful. Then what is the missing point? And how, a game of Golf can solve your problems?

You are getting bored in your golf club. You are regularly going for a famous, golf course. But these things are not exciting any more. Same routine, you are having, every day. You have lost the charm. Gradually, your entire life has started appearing dull to you.

In spite of achieving, almost everything in your life…you have lost interest. Nothing is exciting you anymore. To remove this, you joined a golf course. But nothing happened; your boredom is not going. Suddenly, amidst everybody, you start feeling lonely.

You golf club is not helping you. You feel boring, there. If these things are, happening with you, this quite happens, with many of you. So, if these things are happening with you, you must come of it immediately. How?

That’s why; I asked you in the beginning of this article, above, that…’have you ever played golf meditatively?’

Just try, when playing golf…Stay there. Mostly when you are playing, you are never there in your game. You are always either thinking about you business, or something else, or you are somewhere, in your future, thinking something, or you are thinking about your past.

You are never there in the game. Your body is playing, you mind is somewhere else. This Division is false. Do not do this.

  • Just play.
  • Stay there.
  • Play with your entire body, including mind.

If still confusing. If still, you are not getting anything. Then I suggest…learn Meditation. And to learn, whatever method comes, to your mind, do it. You can read blogs, which tells you about the techniques of meditation…

We will talk more…but only if you want to know, if you want to talk. I must get your reaction.

Very simple thing, I would like to share with you, if you really want kill this panic attacks, and fatigue in your life, through Golf, then…while playing golf, become golf.