Golf and Meditation…moving ahead

Golf and Meditation…

And since I keep relating, Golf with Meditation…let-us keep going. Let-we keep moving.

Relaxation exercises, you may call it a Golf Course, in a unique way

Like meditation is a must, if you wish to keep yourself fit. They are various methods, for meditation. I have discovered a new method. And that method is…Golf.

To realize, you have to practice it. A unique experience, you will feel. After finishing a tiring game, you will fresh…as if, just now you have come out, after taking a relaxing Shower.

It’s very simple; it’s about Mind Control…How to control your mind.

Off course, mind is very powerful…be careful, mind is equally cunning. Sometimes it, deceives you. Sometimes, when you practice your Golf Meditation…it might appear to you, that you are getting something; something is happening to you- stay extremely alert, it might be a hallucination. It might be a false notion. Your mind is showing you a wrong picture…and you’re thinking, it is a reality.

Your golf courses have been teaching you, various method, and skills; how to apply…when you are playing. Meditation Techniques, is a unique method.

Mostly this happens. False notions, wrong impressions, do come. That’s, why, sometimes, you might have observed, after practicing Yoga, Meditation for years, nothing happens, you are the same. Same anxiety is staying. You keep getting panic attacks. Your meditation has given you nothing. It is false.

You are not feeling fresh, after finishing your game. You might start losing interest in golf. You might think that you were better, before you started meditation. It might appear to you, that Meditation is wrong.

This happens quite often, even to the people who are practicing meditation, since ages.

Entire concept is wrong. This happens, because your mind is controlling. Yes, mind is very cunning. You have been living through your mind, all the time. Shed this habit immediately.

Your existence, your entire body is holy. Start living through your entire body, and see the difference.

How, if interested in knowing more on this, you have to be in constant touch with the techniques of meditation. Ply your golf, in a meditative way, and feel the difference…little more, on Golf and Meditation, in my next article.

Till then…stay there, wherever you are. Your mind will take you somewhere else, do no go. Do not get controlled…Control your mind, how? I can suggest a blog