Golf, Dream and You

Golf, Dream and You…

It is your dream to become a super Golf Star. It is natural.

It may become fatal; if you have not dream in awareness. Dream could be misleading too. Mind is cunning; it might create a false notion in you. And without realizing your personal strength; capacity…you started dreaming of becoming a golf star. To fulfill your dream you started taking golf courses; you opt for a good golf club. Mind it all this preparation you are doing to fulfill your dream; of becoming golf star…without judging yourself.

This false notion, which your mind has created in you that, you are capable of becoming a golf star; might become fatal. If you fail in your adventure; you might break. You entire effort will be wasted.

Before entering your dream, yes it is possible, first judge yourself. It is possible to judge yourself; before you enter in to your dream. This is called dreaming in an aware state of mind. Awareness is a must. Awareness gives you a chance to judge yourself.

You know your capacity. But to reach this state; where you are capable of judging yourself, is a tough journey. It is tough; because you have been leading your life with a heavy load. Your mind is conditioned. You have been taught many false notions; and without realizing that these are false notions…you have been carrying this load with dignity; thinking you are aware of it.

This awareness could be false. Remember, you have to be extremely careful with your mind. Your mind is very powerful; and equally cunning…it goes on misleading you. If you are aware; you will come to know the truth about. This awareness comes through Meditation. Meditation takes you to a place where you have to drop everything. Nothing will remain. And out of this nothingness; your rebirth is possible.

This rebirth of yours will take place in an aware state of mind. And that moment onward; you entire life will be changed. And in those moments, of awareness, if you enter your dream; of becoming golf star…certainly; your dream will be realized.

To become aware try these simple methods-

  • Live in moments
  • Live your life through your entire body; not only through your mind.

Let each and every part of your body perform its own duty; for example…while reading this article, stay there; red through your eyes; do not read through your mind- do not think that you are reading this article; or do not start thinking that you are reading this article…simply read.

Whatever you do; give it your whole attention. This wholeness is a must. You have to understand this wholeness; because out of this wholeness…your awareness emerges. And that’s it. The day you become aware; the day awareness happens to you…your dream of becoming Golf Star; will come true.


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Golf, Anger, Enthusiasm, and You…

Sustained enthusiasm can create wonders for you. Uncontrolled anger can kill you. You have to understand this.

Let us create the mood first, for golf- few excerpts from already published news- “Canada’s National Open Championship returns to Jack Nicklaus- designed Oakville course for 27(th) time- Oakville, on, May 15, 2014/CNW/- stepped in history and tradition, Oakvile’s Glen abbey Golf Club has once again been named the 2015 RBC Canadian open, as announced by Golf Canada and RBC.”

“IRVING, Texas/Peter Hanon made his only back-nine birdie with a 6 –feet putt at the 11th hole Thursday, closing out a 5-under 65 for ane stroke lead ovr david Duval and two others after the first round of the Byron National championship.”

“Is it possible to lose all your body weight and unattractive flab without doing any kind of crunches, cardio, or spending any time at the gym? It seems impossible, but exactly what Kris Fondran claims that anyone can do exercise technique by taking up her innovative approach to yoga.” 

Yes, these were the news published in some newspapers; recently.

Now, anger kills many things inside you. Anger can destroy you completely…once you are in its grip. Same anger can be friendly too…if anger is in your control. If you are the owner of your entire self…nothing can defeat. It is possible to walk through the lake without getting wet.

It is simply impossible for you to reach this state.  Many things happened; since you took birth. Yoga definitely helps.

Out of your bubbling enthusiasm; you lost. That day since morning you were sure to win. You remembered everything, all techniques, which you were taught in your golf classes; what your golf couch had taught you. You took all correct and subtle move; you discussed your strategy, for your ambitious game, with your trusted friends in your golf club. You prepared yourself thoroughly; before entering the field today, but…you lost.

Anger took over; frustration rolled in…and while destroying your enemies; you destroyed yourself, completely.

Anger destroys everything. Anger can never be in you control. Because, you are not powerful, you do not know…how to control your anger? You have to understand what anger is. This understanding is a must. You have to understand what life is? You have to understand you; who are you?

It seems endless talk. And the answer is very simple. Before you start your golf practice, you always take few good move into consideration; you go for a golf course; you search the best golf couching classes, you start doing yoga; or other exercises in order to keep yourself fit. Yet, your mind is not in your control. And precisely, this is the point where your trouble starts.

Your anger becomes out of control. You cannot control anger. Anger is too powerful.

You have to simply understand; what anger is? Anger is simply an energy which is flowing inside you. You have to use this energy in a right way. For example; use this energy in your golf practice. Let us do this- Whenever you are in anger…

  • Keep quit.
  • Take few deep breath; exhale through your mouth.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • And start your game.

This simple exercise will give you tremendous energy. Here you have used anger in a right way. But to reach this stage, where you have become capable of using your anger in a right way, you have to understand the power hidden inside you.

And to understand this you do not have to go anywhere; you do not have to go to any institute. You, yourself is the best institute.

Try this…Just think that you have to use your anger in positive way. And after sometime, you will be surprised that you have got the answer…how to use your anger in a positive way.

You are a wonderful creation of Almighty; he has equipped you with amazing powers. Only this realization, of having multiple powers inside you, has to come to you.

And this realization only comes through Meditation. Whatever ways are coming to your mind; how to meditate, use it…and just mediate. You will come to know; how through sustained enthusiasm…you can create miracles; all the best. 


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Golf, Age and You… Old Man and the Golf…

Drink the elixir slowly; deeply, and you will realize that…You are an ageless wonder.

This self realization has to come to you. Now, when we are talking about Golf and age; it reminds me of Earnest Hemingway “Old Man and the Sea”…it can be ‘Old man and the Golf’.

Inch by inch; Step by Step we all are moving towards death.

Few excerpts regarding Golf, from some print media- “There’s an old saying (perhaps from an old golfer) that the game of golf attributes to longer life. We’ve been alerted that several organized groups of golfers will be celebrating their 25thanniversary this year. Organizations like the Staten Island Women’s Golf Association, the Staten Island Men’s Senior Club as well as the Silver Lake Women’s (Monday) Club. Gee, it seems that those groups are more recent. Maybe because we remember so many that go back much longer, like the Silvettes — one of the longest running women’s golf clubs in the country and still going strong after more than 79 years. Grace Ward, a charter member of the Silvettes, is 102 years of age and that’s got to be living proof of the durability of golfers. Don “Doc” Ostrowski is one of the original members of the old “Sunrise Club” at Silver Lake and he and his bride, Josephine, will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on June 22. Sure, there have been clubs of men and women players formed at Staten Island golf courses since the 1800s when courses were built. We’d rather not go too far back in our records because we’re not sure if there are any survivors.”

“Adam Scott’s ascension to golf’s world number one is in sync with his goals to emulate the feats of his boyhood idol Greg Norman. Scott, 33, will overtake Tiger Woods in next week’s rankings to become golf’s world number one for the first time. He will become the first Aussie to claim the top spot in the rankings since ‘the Great White Shark’ Norman reigned for 331 weeks in the 1980s and 1990s. Scott has often spoken about the inspirational effect Norman had on his formative golfing years and paid tribute to the two-time major winner after capturing the Masters at Augusta last year.”

“CALABASH, N.C. — Love it or hate it, you’re going to have an opinion on the 767-yard par-6 18th hole at Farmstead Golf Links. “You’ll remember it,” said Karen Hertling of Carolina Shores, N.C., who took part in a review of the course in mid-May.”

Just to bring you in mood; and to update you with latest news of golf, sometime, I keep sighting; giving excerpts from published news.

Gone are the days of your youth; you have grown old now. You start remembering your past…’those were the days when you were a golf Hero…’ You have lost nothing; still you have the same vigour; you are the same youth.

Age is in mind. I keep saying; you have to control your mind. The more you are living in moments, the younger you are becoming; you can say, in reverse gear.

The first time you started your golf practice; the first day you approached your golf coach, or the first day you joined a golf course…the stamina; the energy can be preserved, forever.

Elixir, can be obtained; through realization. This realization is of yourself, in other words you have to recognize you. Self realization is a must.  The day this self realization comes to you, that moment you will come to know that…the philosopher’s stone is within you.

You are ageless; if you are staying in moments; if you are living in moments. At any age golf is same to you. Your love for golf has not grown old; it is the same love, which you had developed in your early childhood. Feeling is always young; and so you are. Tricks are changed; new techniques have come. Keep updating yourself regarding, golf. Keep practicing. Keep accepting the challenges.

Get-up early morning; with the same enthusiasm. Accept age gracefully. The more you are moving with the nature; the more alert you are becoming, everyday. Your enthusiasm; your longing for a game of golf, has not grown old. You are the same. Yes, you have left many things behind memory lane; do not become too emotional, and do not catch these things too tightly.

You are like fresh breath. Your each and every breath is fresh; new…you can never grow old. Your mind keeps telling you; ‘do not do this, do not do that, you have grown old’…do not listen to your mind. Feel young; stay young. Whenever you go out for a golf practice, always think that this your first day.

Never leave golf coaching classes; keep consulting your golf coach. Regularly go to your golf club. The more you keep yourself occupied with golf; the more young you will feel every day.

To achieve the power of keeping yourself young; you have to meditate. Practice Meditation regularly, with yoga. And drink the elixir slowly; deeply…you will realize that… you are an ageless wonder.


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Golf, Anger, Jealousy and You…

Garden of Eden was sacred. Apple was there; snake was there; temptation was there; indication was there and you were there.

Your entire existence is holy. This holiness is complete; it includes good and bad, both. Nothing is kept; apart. You too have to accept everything. Do not chose; between good and bad.

Your competitor; your friend, has gone ahead. You both had started playing golf together. You had chosen a good golf course; and you followed it religiously. You joined a good golf club; to enhance your game of golf. You took all correct steps.

Yet, your friend managed to go ahead. You are angry. You developed jealousy. Nothing is wrong in it; if you start feeling in this way. It is perfect. It is natural.

You have been taught since beginning; anger is bad, Jealousy is bad. Nothing is bad; these are simply energy; which is flowing in your veins. These energies can become fatal; these energies may become friendly? It depends; how you are taking it. For instance- out of anger; or out of jealousy, you attacked your opponent. Your opponent’s reputation was damaged. You went to your friend’s golf coach, and you told him false things about your friend; opponent; just to damage his/her reputation. You used your influence and damaged his/hers reputation in golf clubs; result, your friend was through from all golf clubs.

You used your entire energy to spoil his/her carrier; and you succeeded. You are happy. Here in this case, anger and jealousy is negative for you. Here; anger and jealousy is destructive for you. Why it happened in this way, with you?

Every human being is born energetic, and here, you used your energy in a negative way. Your gifted energy anger and jealousy, which you used in feeling bad about your friend; the same energy, which you used in destroying your friend, if you would have invested; or used that sacred energy of yours in your golf practice then, you would have become a golf star.

In other words, if you are using your energy, which is running in your veins as anger and jealousy, in a positive way; like using it in enhancing your game of golf, then it will give you good results, and you might be surprised looking at your own game.

It depends; how you are using it. It is not easy to perform in this way. To achieve this, you have to recognize yourself first; you should know; who you are. Your entire being should be in your control; especially your mind. Your mind should be in your control; you should not be in your mind’s control.

You have to be aware; what is happening in-side you. And the power of this awareness can be achieved only through Meditation. Now the question arises; what is meditation, and how this meditation can be achieved?

There are many techniques of meditation. Learn all; and whatever meditation techniques suits you…start practicing (we will talk on meditation techniques, later).

A simple and beautiful game of golf can give you immense pleasure; if you start recognizing your self. This self awareness is a must…if you wish to leave a good impression behind; in golf. This unique experiences; I keep sharing with you in my articles, on golf.

Anger, Jealousy can be friendly too; it depends, how you are looking at it. You have to accept both; you cannot escape, there is no alternative…you have to accept both. Accept both; digest it, and then use this energy…for your benefit.

Now you know how to use it for you benefit; because now are aware about the importance of…Awareness; Self realization.


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Techniques of Meditation

Techniques of Meditation

Golf, Frustration, Meditation and You…

Just now, you are awaken after seeing a sweat dream. In you dream you saw that; you have become a Golf Star. You will not rest unless this dream, of yours, comes true. You start preparing yourself; sincerely.

You have resources; golf clubs; golf courses…at your door step. You are sincere too. All opportunities, you are using successfully, in order to become a golf star.

Then too, sometimes frustration scrolls, inside you…and you lose everything. One slight jerk, from little unfavorable time; and all you resources are gone…you are frustrated- what to do?

 Let us go through, with few excerpts from Published news; like Salt Lake Tribune said…

” Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla. • The Royal & Ancient Golf Club could make history even before its historic vote in September to have female members. R&A secretary Peter Dawson said the club is deciding whether to allow members to vote by proxy, something he said has never been done in club history. Club rules require members to be present to vote. Dawson announced last month that the R&A would vote Sept. 18 to allow female members for the first time in its 260-year history. Prep girls’ golf: Davis claims 5A title After losing by single stroke last year, Davis wins by 16 strokes; Alta’s Madi Rooker wins individual title.

Bountiful • After losing to Bingham by a single stroke a year ago, Davis left nothing to chance Monday as it earned a convincing Class 5A state golf championship at a cold and windy Bountiful Ridge Golf Course. The Darts earned a 326-310 win over a second-place Alta team that was led by 5A medalist Madi Rooker, who fired a 71 to beat Davis sophomore Laura Gerner by a shot.

Davis coach Laura Salvo, whose team ended sixth-place Bingham’s four-year string of 5A girls’ golf championships after the narrow loss a year ago, said her young golf team that features three sophomores and a junior felt pressure because it was expected to win. “That created a little more pressure than we like,” she said. “The kids put a little pressure on themselves coming into it. But, with our lineup, everybody that placed is returning next year.”

Now New York City says…”Golf and Body NYC, the the private club in Midtown Manhattan that offers golfers the ultimate settings for enhancing their performance, has entered a partnership with Eligo Club, the excluvise invitation only private membership club that offer acces to great golf courses around the world.”

You are being helped by latest news too. Golf Club; Golf Courses keeps updating you with latest news; even some of them keep updating you regarding their voting pattern; changes…they are giving you all important news. You are sincerely practicing too. Each and every correct steps you are taking; just for the sake of your dream. Yet, frustration comes.

The question is, what to do; to get of rid of your frustration…which is eating you from inside? You are in search of this answer. And again you do all possible things to get rid of this frustration…yet no solution.

You are exhausted; your mind has refused to help you.

Stop here; here is the opportunity. Your opportunity to get rid of your frustration, is always here. It is neither in your past, nor in your future…it is always here.

Now another question…How to detect it; how to recognize it?

And the answer is very simple. The answer is so simple that you never paid any attention; it did not come to your notice. Simplest things becomes the most difficult thing, to understand; to look at.

The answer to your search is very simple; easy…it is here hidden in-side you.  The answer…to recognize this hidden energy is; simply Stay Here…you should never move either in your past, or in your future; simply stay here; wherever you are, and stay alert.

This alertness will do wonder for you.

You have lost all hopes; none of your methods to get rid of your frustration worked; your mind stopped working…Stop here, this the place; when your mind has stopped working. Take this as an God send opportunity; your mind has stopped working.

The moment your mind stops working; you start listening to your inner voice; and that is the victory for you. The moment you start listening your inner voice…all your problems are solved.

Certainly it is not easy to reach this state, where you can listen to your inner voice…to reach; Meditate. Meditation is the answer.

Let us experience, an exercise-

  • Take a bath
  • Sit at one place; remember wear loose cloths
  • Concentrate, in between both your eyes
  • Compose your mind
  • Look at your frustration
  • Simply looking; do not try to find out the reason…simply look.
  • Do not allow your frustration to go away, hold it; hold your frustration tightly.
  • You will get remarkable results…

your frustration which was killing you till now; has become friendly to you.

Always remember this, the more your try to avoid it, or the more you try to get rid of it; it will come back to you.

And the moment you accept your frustration with open arm…it Will be transformed. And the same energy, which was troubling you till now, will become friendly with you. Simply, allow it to be transformed…and it will turn into Gold.


Techniques of Meditation

Techniques of Meditation

Golf, Fear, Meditation and you…

You need to be provoked; unless something disturbs you…your excitement won’t come out. Unless you are excited…Golf won’t attract you.

Nature works in an extremely mysterious; fabulous way. Your very need; that you need to be provoked, was answered, and you were provoked; an indication was made; while, you were practising, for a big league…you are not aware of it.

You are always somewhere else…thinking; planing something…perhaps you were planing for your next league. You are never here; and precisely this the reason that you go on missing, the point.

You have to win this, match. No, you cannot rest till you win this game. To become a legend; a Golf hero…you have to be provoked. Unless you are provoked; unless you are disturbed…how you will win the match? Now the question arises…provocation why; indication where?

News keeps flashing in news papers all over; regarding golf…few excerpts-

Mr. westwood, The former world no.1, who has been working hard on his swing with coach Mike Walker, reeled off five birdies in a bogey-free display to finish two strokes off the lead in PGA Tour’s prestigious flagship event’…

Another news, perhaps in associated press, that says- ‘Jordan Speith, No. 5 in the Rider Club standing, and no 8 in the FedEx Cup. He was runner-up at the Hyundai Tournament of Champions and the masters and he at least put himself in the mix on the weekends at Pebble Beach, Torrey Pines and Riviera. He reached the quarter finals in his début at the Match Play Championship And his star power keeps rising, mainly as the 20-year-old Texan who seems to have a chance to be the “youngest” to do everything- What gnaws at him is Spieth is missing one thing’…”Plenty of chances to win, and it’s eating at me a little that I haven’t taken advantage of one of them yet,” Spieth said Wednesday on the eve of The Players Championship. “But I keep putting myself in position, and I believe that it will go my way here soon.”

A provocation was needed; an indication was made; and Nature gifted you both…you are provoked, you are indicated; towards your goal, but… you are not aware of it.  Because you are never Here; either your in your past; which is gone, or you are in your future; which never comes (it is important, on future…why it never comes, we will talk latter; in  in my nest article).

When you go for a rigorous golf practice; while practising, you are never here. You are somewhere else; perhaps thinking about the league.

When you read any news about Golf Heroes; one thing is common…there are fearless. Yes, fear is the key. You are planning for a big league, and you are scared…never worry; that is natural. Accept this fear of yours…it is natural.

This fear of yours is provoking you; this Fear of yours is indicating your path…towards your glorious days. This fear will help you in getting confidence. Fear can boost your moral…how?

If you look at it deeply, you will find that your fear is challenging you…accept this challenge. See in my articles on Golf, I am always giving stress on Mind Control method. Unless your mind is in your control; you cannot practice, your golf coaching will be futile. Here I am merely trying to indicate towards…how to make use of your fear; how to make it friendly. That’s why I said…fear is the key.

This key can open many doors for you. If you are scared, while practising for a big league, that is natural; nothing to worry about. On the contrary it is healthy. This fear of yours can create a passion in you. This fear of yours can make you able to accept challenges. If you are in fear before any match of golf…stay thankful to that fear.

This fear is provoking you. This fear is indicating you towards your goal. To understand this sign of your fear; you have to understand yourself first; who you are; what do you want?

This awareness comes through meditation. Meditation helps you in realizing many things; which already exist in-side you; you have to realize it. And the day this realization comes to you; it will open many doors for you. Here you have to understand your fear; so that you can use it for your advantage.

Out of fear never escape; always accept your fear. This acceptance will show the right way to move ahead. This acceptance will create tremendous confidence in you; this will make you a warrior. You must know how to use your fear. And the best way; rather the best techniques to use your fear for your advantage is…accept your fear.

The moment you are accepting your fear; it will dissolve in you; and it will be transformed. This transformation is a must; it is similar to Alchemy. Everything is same; all roads lead to the same destination; only journey differs.

Whatever you are doing in your practice; like whenever you are listening to your golf coach; or you are playing your game…stay there; do not think anything else. It is not easy to do; it appears simple. Simplest things are more difficult to perform.

Concentration is very important. Meditation teaches you; how to concentrate. Your concentration on your golf practice will give you many good results.

Your concentration teaches you… how to use your fear; further your concentration will teach you how to stay focused?

And if you are focused; you will understand why this provocation was needed; and in which direction…your fear is indicating you…to go.



Techniques of Meditation

Techniques of Meditation

Golf, Determination, Meditation, Refuse and You…

You wish to become a golf star…refuse to budge; under any circumstances…unless you become a Golf Star.

Here is the news, published sometimes back, in print media…”A deaf man has made British history by becoming the first prelingually deaf person to become captain of a mainstream golf club”.

“Peter Baker, who had to give up his running and cricket ambitions, persevered with other sports and his recent appointment is only the latest in a long line of achievements. He has previously represented Great Britain at athletics in deaf European and world championships, and the Olympics, as well as running from John O’Groats to Land’s End and in the New York marathon.

He has also travelled the world representing England in Deaf Golf events, before taking the captain position at Ellesmere Port Gold Club Mr Baker said; “I’m really proud of becoming captain of Ellesmere Port Golf Club and becoming the being the first deaf-from-childhood person to captain a mainstream club. I would advise any deaf golfer to get on the club committee and help out and show the hearing world that we are equal to them.”

“J.B. Holmes didn’t need to win the Wells Fargo Championship to qualify for the Players Championship — making the cut and earning some FedEx Cup points was all he needed — but he won anyway at Quail Hollow in Charlotte, N.C. Holmes’s medical history (two brain surgeries, along with ankle and elbow injuries) makes his third victory on the PGA Tour admirable. Considering his history at TPC Sawgrass — four finishes of 16th or better, including a T6 in 2011 — he could be in for another good week. ,”

“Tiger Woods wrote in the lengthy message posted to his website. “It helps when I’m physically unable to play. That’s when it’s easy for me, and I don’t have a problem watching. It’s when I’m playing and closer to getting back out there is when I start getting real antsy about watching events: ‘Can I play, can I not play?’ ”

Peter Baker, J.B.Holms, Tiger Wood, they refused to get blown away by difficult circumstances. These people are unique example of success. These are inspiring news.

Sometimes nature tests you severely. Nature will check whether you really deserve to be a golf star. Yes you have learned good techniques in your golf training course; you have develop a good very distinct style of yours; yet if your mind is not in your control…it is difficult to succeed.

Nature is testing you; Nature is luring you. Nature is putting obstacles in our ways. Nature is giving you trouble; making you sick; compelling you not to play. Nature is giving you all sorts of serious problems; just to test your determination.

If you are lured by small success; you won’t meet your dream. You have dreamt to become a golf star; you should deserve your dream; your expectations. And precisely this is the reason why nature tests you. Before you realize your dream; listen to your inner voice.

Ask yourself a question…do you really deserve it? Hats off, to Mr. J.B.Holms, Mr. Peter Baker and Mr. Tiger Wood…they refused nature’s laurels. They knew what they deserve. To become a Hero, first deserve it.

You mind might convince that you are a hero…do not get trapped; listen to your inner voice. If you are really a hero; then nature tests you. Mr. Holms, Mr. Baker refused their physical inability, and they proved themselves…they are real hero. They refused to bow down before difficulties. They stick to their dream…what they wanted…and ultimately they achieved it.

Unless you have the capacity to stick to your wishes; unless you refuse lesser success…it will be difficult for you to become a golf hero. This refusing power is Meditation; it is not easy to refuse. It requires immense strength. And to acquire this strength; to posses this strength, I shall suggest, go for a rigorous practice of Meditation.

Nature will give you little success; just to judge you that if you are happy and satisfied with this. If you accept these small temptations, then there is no point in going ahead; you will get success…but not a hero status.

And if you are really a born Hero; then nothing lesser will appeal you…you will refuse.

And the day you refuse to Almighty in receiving smaller success; happiness, in the comparison of your dream- mark my words, Nature; entire Universe; your entire being; existence, will urge; compel Almighty to grant you a Hero status. And looking at your determination after testing you severely…finally, almighty will grant you a Hero status…smiling.