Golf, Dream and You

Golf, Dream and You…

It is your dream to become a super Golf Star. It is natural.

It may become fatal; if you have not dream in awareness. Dream could be misleading too. Mind is cunning; it might create a false notion in you. And without realizing your personal strength; capacity…you started dreaming of becoming a golf star. To fulfill your dream you started taking golf courses; you opt for a good golf club. Mind it all this preparation you are doing to fulfill your dream; of becoming golf star…without judging yourself.

This false notion, which your mind has created in you that, you are capable of becoming a golf star; might become fatal. If you fail in your adventure; you might break. You entire effort will be wasted.

Before entering your dream, yes it is possible, first judge yourself. It is possible to judge yourself; before you enter in to your dream. This is called dreaming in an aware state of mind. Awareness is a must. Awareness gives you a chance to judge yourself.

You know your capacity. But to reach this state; where you are capable of judging yourself, is a tough journey. It is tough; because you have been leading your life with a heavy load. Your mind is conditioned. You have been taught many false notions; and without realizing that these are false notions…you have been carrying this load with dignity; thinking you are aware of it.

This awareness could be false. Remember, you have to be extremely careful with your mind. Your mind is very powerful; and equally cunning…it goes on misleading you. If you are aware; you will come to know the truth about. This awareness comes through Meditation. Meditation takes you to a place where you have to drop everything. Nothing will remain. And out of this nothingness; your rebirth is possible.

This rebirth of yours will take place in an aware state of mind. And that moment onward; you entire life will be changed. And in those moments, of awareness, if you enter your dream; of becoming golf star…certainly; your dream will be realized.

To become aware try these simple methods-

  • Live in moments
  • Live your life through your entire body; not only through your mind.

Let each and every part of your body perform its own duty; for example…while reading this article, stay there; red through your eyes; do not read through your mind- do not think that you are reading this article; or do not start thinking that you are reading this article…simply read.

Whatever you do; give it your whole attention. This wholeness is a must. You have to understand this wholeness; because out of this wholeness…your awareness emerges. And that’s it. The day you become aware; the day awareness happens to you…your dream of becoming Golf Star; will come true.


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