God, Golf and You

Who created The Universe?

Creation of the universe started with a question mark? The answer differs; some believe that God created the universe; Science differs; some say it was due to evolution; exact fact is unknown.

We praise Moon, we consider it a sign of Romance; its coo light soothes us; especially in autumn. And we human being landed on it; just to discover; what is there inside The Moon.Praise The Moon, do not land on it; else you will miss the beauty of praising.

And you are on your way to discover the mystery of the universe. Let it be a mystery; let it remain a question mark that, who created the universe? The word Mystery is beautiful; something hidden is attractive.

The moment you remove the curtain; the beauty will go. Live in a moment; hold that moment; do not try to unfold the moment; just stay in a moment; just float in a moment.

You will not agree, you have to find the reason and there is a mad rush to know the mystery. Just accept the mystery.

The more you try to unfold it; the more mysterious it will become; instead of knowing who created the Universe; just enjoy its beauty; its mystery.

Do not make any effort to challenge its authority; just float, move with it. And very soon you will find that the mystery is being unfolded before you. And the day this unique experience happens inside you; you will feel an explosion of the nectar inside you; and in that moment of ecstasy, for God’s sake do not go anywhere in search of the answer that who created The Universe, Just stay there; do not make any effort to enjoy it; just float in that sea of Ecstasy.

And when in that moment of great joy, when  God appears before you; ask him, How to play Golf? It is possible through Meditation.