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Sex, Death, Meditation and You…

Your society has forbidden you to accept two the most beautiful reality of your life- Sex and Death. You are scared to talk about.

To reach the final destiny you have to move ahead sex. And to move ahead sex the only method is “free from sex through sex” you have to go through sex.

Indulging in sex act to become free from sex is dangerous too. Here you are getting a free license to indulge in sex to satisfy your sexuality, your lust. Sexuality is bad. Sex is divine. You have to understand this that sex is divine.

You are guided by your sexuality, and that is why result of sex has created bad results. And your society, your religion asks you to look at the disastrous result, and further they reasoned the cause of their thought against sex.

Your conditioned mind considers sex is bad, death is bad, dangerous. Understand sex first. Meditate on sex, using any techniques of meditation suiting you. Understand sex, understand death.

Death is not the end. Death is the beginning. To begin you have to die. Death is beautiful. Sex is beautiful. This is your wrong notion; this is your wrong learning your wrong conditioning of your mind that you are scared to talk about sex and death.

Meditate in sex and sex will become prayer to you. The entire Universe is sexual. If you are entering in your sexual act considering it a deep prayer, then a moment comes when you two become one.

The duality of two people becomes one, and in that glorious moment of oneness, when your entire ego is vanished, you become like a circle, where all are equal, there is no beginning, there is no end.

Your teaching says suppress sex, avoid sex. Freedom says, indulge in sex staying awakened.

The moment sex becomes prayer for you- you move out of sex towards the total freedom. That total Freedom is death, from where a new journey of your life starts. This is your final journey. There is no return.

This is only possible when you are free from sex. To move ahead sex, to be free from sex you have to go through sex; you have to move through sex; there is no other way.

When in a sex act, stay alert, awakened. Do not move away and start thinking about your mundane stress; in a sexual act stay there.  

And while moving through sex, feel as if you are in a holy communication with the Universe, think as if you are entering your holy place; you are amid holy prayer, you are communicating with the Lord.

Sex will become the door of salvation. But, you have been taught by your society, your religion that sex is bad; unholy.

The word creation is sex. And your society has forbidden you to accept the two most beautiful reality of your life- Sex and Death.

And you are scared to talk about sex. The mind is full of sex. You are scared of touching any female even by mistake. Thinking about sex all the time; by mistake also if you touch a female; it becomes a crime.

Sex is in the mind is bad. Sexual frustration is dangerous. Thinking about sex all the time is dangerous. Taking sex in a normal way is the key to understanding sex. Sex is neither dirty nor dangerous.

It is your conditioned mind, your thinking which makes sex dangerous. Death is a reality. Real is beautiful. Death is inevitable, it has to come. Meditate and death will become a beautiful experience for you.

In olden times certain religious leaders were used to get unholy if any female touches him. Many places in the world forbid a female to enter a religious place; temple. By mistake if any female enters the holy place few idiots will purify the place by sprinkling holy water.

You are born out of a female. You are born out of sex. Accept sex in awareness as the most beautiful gift to you given by the almighty. This acceptance will take you away from the sex, through this acceptance; you will move ahead sex.

Suppress sex and sex become sexuality, sexuality is bad. This is suppressed sex, this is fear of sex, this is a wrong notion about sex, the wrong teaching about the sex, the wrong conditioning of mind about sex by your religion, by your society; which has given birth to the filthiest dangerous act Rape.

There are two different aspects Sex and Sexuality. Sexuality is bad; dangerous. You have to move above the sex through sex.

Sexual reunion is the only act at a point where you become one. But you have never realized this. You are always in a hurry. Even in a sexual act, you are in a hurry. You have to hurry up the act. You have to go somewhere.

You have to reach at some place. You have to meet your goal. You have to achieve something, then you will be happy. And then you will concentrate on the sex. This is absurd.

You are living in your future through your mind thinking something. Sex is here. Pleasure is here. Life is here. You are in your future.

Become quit. Become silent. Choose a technique of meditation and meditate. There are so many chaos inside you. Meditate stay calm. Accept whatever life is bringing to you.

Stay a witness without getting affected. And in that pure, sacred, and qualm state of mind enter into sex act. This purity will take you ahead sex. Remember this, you have to move ahead sex.

Either fear of getting caught or you have to finish this act anyhow, and you have to go somewhere you hurried up the act; and sex becomes dangerous.

Even during a sexual act you think about your future, or you are busy thinking about the right position. You are worried about your partner; whether she / he is satisfied it.

And, you miss the moment; the most beautiful, satisfying, awakening moment in your life you miss it.

When in a sexual act stay there, forget the position. Your body will take its own right position; keep moving. Do not get diverted; stay in the act.

A spiritual blast is going to happen any moment; stay alert in the act, do not hurry the act; keep floating, staying awakened.

The entire Universe is sexual. Instead of understanding sex you are against sex, you consider it bad, ugly; this is what you have been taught. The most beautiful reality of life you are afraid to talk about- Sex and Death; both have to come.

Stay a witness. Watch everything, whatever is happening to you, in a sexual act. Stay awakened. In an aware sexual act there is no division inside you; you are one. This oneness is absolute truth.

The day you become absolute in sex the mystery of the Universe will get unfolded before you. Then there is no need of any knowledge. Then there is no division inside you. You will become one. And that oneness is absolute.

The moment sexual act becomes prayer to you, you see, you feel the entire Universe inside you. And after that you do not need sex; you have come above sex. Sex is only the door, a march towards salvation.

Sex makes you complete because; only through an aware sexual act you become one for a moment. And in that glorious moment, when the oneness explodes inside you, stay there.

Nothing is left to know, simply stay there when this divine oneness happens to you. Sex only in mind is dangerous. Naturally the outcome is a disaster. And then your religious guru, your religious books, your teacher, your society says- “look at the result that’s why we were telling you that sex is bad”.

Yoga says control sex. You must suppress sex. Sex is dangerous. And looking at the result of the sex which is in your mind you agree that sex is bad. You are scared to touch a female on the road. Some of your religious places forbid a female to enter.

Sex is very much in their mind; because it is suppressed. Their mind is full of sexuality. A porn site will appeal to them. And a real female who is divine is condemned. Some of the religious gurus become unholy if a female touches them.

We are born out of a sexual act. Your society has scared you so much that you never came to know the real meaning of sex, the real beauty of the sex.

When you are amid nature, mountains, cloud, river, fresh breeze, birds chirping; you are in a deep sexual communication with the Universe.

Do not harm anybody. Do not force anybody. Stay a law abiding citizen. Let the understanding of sex reach you, mediate sex and sex will become mediation to you.

Sex is divine. Death is divine. Sex is a reality. Death is a reality. Accept both. Let the sex flow all over you; no control, enter a sexual act staying aware just float with it and become one…

Accept sex. Accept death. Stay awakened. This way you reach a stage where all ego, all disturbance, inside you, vanishes.

What is left is complete silence. Only, you.

This is the final stage of intense meditation. And in this sacred moment of glorious silence; you can see The Almighty in you…



Golf, Success, Failure and You…

You are the master; your success is under your control; you are not under control of your success.

Somewhere, someday, someone rightly said; ‘nothing succeeds like success.’

Tiger woods is trying hard to come back; whether the Tiger ill roar again or not, is not known; but his efforts indeed need to be applauded.

You can make an effort and to encourage you, heroes; legends, success stories are sighted. Few of them are truly inspiring. You need to be encouraged; if you wish to become a golf hero.

You have taken all precautions in becoming a golf hero. You have selected a good golf course; you have selected a good golf coach; your golf practice is flawless; sometimes your style might be compared to a legend; and you feel encouraged. This is normal, natural; everybody needs encouragement.

After giving your best; you failed miserably. You are aghast; and that is quite natural. You are broken; again you gather your wits; and you start your practice again; this is remarkable, it needs tremendous courage to do so.

You start your practice again with a new vigor; you fail again, and you are finished; if you are successful; your success story will be suited to others; your bravery will be praised; but if you failed; you might be condemned; you might be called a madman.

This is your world; where even your happiness or innocent laughter depends on something; your success; unless you are successful how you can laugh; the day you become successful, you will laugh.

Your happiness is planned; misery keeps coming to you quite often,without any planning; but to stay happy you will have to plan; this is nonsense.

Your golf practice is good; your golf coach is good; your golf classes are good; there is no fault anywhere, yet, your happiness is uncertain; your happiness is depending on your success.

If you really wish to be happy; if you really wish to become a golf hero; you have to come out from this dependent tendency; you have to drop this word ‘dependent’. Self-dependent is the best remedy; if you really wish to depend on something,depend on you; else drop this word; depended.

Now two questions arise; how to drop this word dependent; and how to become a golf hero? Let us start with the latter; how to become a golf hero? There is no harm in dreaming; there is no harm in desiring; you must desire, you must dream. One who dreams is successful; hence must dream.

You preparation for golf is perfect; good practice; good golf coach; good golf courses, everything is perfect; except wisdom; focus; understanding.

You have to understand you; you have to understand, that you have limited powers; you have got the power of dreaming; desiring; planning; execution, but the result is not in your hand. You are the master; your success is under your control; you are not under control of your success. This understanding comes through Meditation.

Meditation is the key. Meditation brings miraculous results. The day this understanding comes to you that you’re the master of your success; your success is under your control, that day onwards; that moment onwards success and failure will not bother you.

And then you will get the answer of your first question; how to drop the word ‘dependent’; and the day you become independent; that moment onwards you will be wading through the lake; without getting wet.