Golf, Success, Failure and You…

You are the master; your success is under your control; you are not under control of your success.

Somewhere, someday, someone rightly said; ‘nothing succeeds like success.’

Tiger woods is trying hard to come back; whether the Tiger ill roar again or not, is not known; but his efforts indeed need to be applauded.

You can make an effort and to encourage you, heroes; legends, success stories are sighted. Few of them are truly inspiring. You need to be encouraged; if you wish to become a golf hero.

You have taken all precautions in becoming a golf hero. You have selected a good golf course; you have selected a good golf coach; your golf practice is flawless; sometimes your style might be compared to a legend; and you feel encouraged. This is normal, natural; everybody needs encouragement.

After giving your best; you failed miserably. You are aghast; and that is quite natural. You are broken; again you gather your wits; and you start your practice again; this is remarkable, it needs tremendous courage to do so.

You start your practice again with a new vigor; you fail again, and you are finished; if you are successful; your success story will be suited to others; your bravery will be praised; but if you failed; you might be condemned; you might be called a madman.

This is your world; where even your happiness or innocent laughter depends on something; your success; unless you are successful how you can laugh; the day you become successful, you will laugh.

Your happiness is planned; misery keeps coming to you quite often,without any planning; but to stay happy you will have to plan; this is nonsense.

Your golf practice is good; your golf coach is good; your golf classes are good; there is no fault anywhere, yet, your happiness is uncertain; your happiness is depending on your success.

If you really wish to be happy; if you really wish to become a golf hero; you have to come out from this dependent tendency; you have to drop this word ‘dependent’. Self-dependent is the best remedy; if you really wish to depend on something,depend on you; else drop this word; depended.

Now two questions arise; how to drop this word dependent; and how to become a golf hero? Let us start with the latter; how to become a golf hero? There is no harm in dreaming; there is no harm in desiring; you must desire, you must dream. One who dreams is successful; hence must dream.

You preparation for golf is perfect; good practice; good golf coach; good golf courses, everything is perfect; except wisdom; focus; understanding.

You have to understand you; you have to understand, that you have limited powers; you have got the power of dreaming; desiring; planning; execution, but the result is not in your hand. You are the master; your success is under your control; you are not under control of your success. This understanding comes through Meditation.

Meditation is the key. Meditation brings miraculous results. The day this understanding comes to you that you’re the master of your success; your success is under your control, that day onwards; that moment onwards success and failure will not bother you.

And then you will get the answer of your first question; how to drop the word ‘dependent’; and the day you become independent; that moment onwards you will be wading through the lake; without getting wet.


Golf, Stress and You…stress releasing techniques…

Have you ever listened; or whispered something to you? Have you ever listened to the silence?

Start talking to yourself; start listening to the silence, inside you, and await the explosion.

This explosion is awaited. This explosion is a must. And the day this explosion explodes inside you; stay there-

  • for God’s sake do not go anywhere
  • do not start traveling in your future; or start thinking something
  • that is the moment of ecstasy

AND the moment this fountain explodes inside you…take a bath and drink the nectar; feel the ecstasy; become the ecstasy; and that very moment you will realize; that just now you have taken a new birth.

This new birth will open many doors for you; and the moment these Sun rays enter your existence; that moment you will be Enlightened. This enlightenment is possible.

Start talking to Golf. The game you love; start talking to golf. Unless you become golf; if you wish to be something unique; something new fresh in the world of golf; apply this simple method-

  • when playing golf
  • become golf
  • discuss, talk, your all stratgey, to golf

Start talking to golf; as if, a game of golf itself is your golf coach. And the day you become golf; the day you are focused only on golf, you will realize; that you have become a unique celebrity in golf.

Golf is a beautiful game. Concentrate, and meditate through golf. You may consider it another technique of meditation. Do this, and you will realize that you are not the same person; something has happened. Your entire criteria will change; you entire perspective for golf will change.

If you wish to do something extra ordinary in the world of golf; then you have to change yourself first. Do not change the method which you have been following; like suppose you are going to golf clubs; if you are taking golf courses; or if you have been following to a golf course; do not change.

You do not have to change anything; you simply have to add something. Keep doing your routine work; like you are listening to your golf coach; you are going to you golf classes daily; you are discussing the points of golf in golf clubs, keep all these things; which you have been doing till now.

Only your approach is changed. And this changed versions of yours, will help you, in great ways…in becoming a Golf Star.


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Golf, Life and You…

You have to wade through the lake; without getting wet. Yes, it is possible.

Nothing is in your hand. Whatever is; is. You may desire; or a desire, of becoming a Golf Star, might comes to you; how you will achieve it, is unknown. You might make an effort; you might get it, you might not get it. Out of your efforts; or out of sheer luck, you might get it; or you might not get it.

Nothing is certain. Movement, of The Universe is mysterious. It is futile trying to understand this.

It might appear to you that it is in your hand; and you start making efforts to fulfill your desire, of becoming a golf star. Like, you consult a good golf coach; you opt for a good golf courses, you join a good golf club; you do all possible efforts, to get your dream. Sometimes you get desired results; sometimes you don’t.

Your life is Golf. Sometimes you get your life; sometimes you do not get. If you get, it is O.K., you got it. But if you don’t get your desired results; your condition becomes bad; it might become worst. And precisely, this is the point…where life starts.

Everything thing is inside you. You do not have to go anywhere to learn anything. You are the owner of your life; make it worst; or make it good…it is always you. You have learnt many false things; since beginning.  You try to control nature. You try to understand the mystery of the universe.

Sometimes after getting initial success, beginner’s luck, you take it for granted. And here starts the missing point.

Desire might come to you; it is natural, how to take this; how to understand this; is the art, which you have to learn. This learning; this understanding is Awareness. You have to understand this. And it is very simple to understand this. Certainly, this is the door; from where, The Light might enter into your existence…this light; this illumination is must for you.

Darkness, in-side you, has to go. Coming of desire, and knowing the mystery of the universe; are two different things. Understanding of your desire is possible. You have to understand, this is merely a desire; not you life.

To get this desire, of becoming a golf star, fulfilled; or if you do not get it; these both situation should not affect you, in other words; you have to walk the lake without getting wet. This wetness is important; it has to be taken care of.

Understand desire first. You must dream; and you must make an effort to get your dream. First, understand yourself; who you are?

To understand this; or to choose this path of Awareness…Meditate. Meditation is a great art of eye opening. Meditation opens many doors for you. Meditation helps you in understanding…what desire is; what is dream?

Nothing is bad; or good. It is always you; who makes it good or bad, rather it is always your ignorance, which makes it good or bad for you. Life is golf; life is a ply…ply it; in awareness.

And along with golf, if you are taking you life as a play; if you are taking your life as music, then whether your dream, you desire of becoming a golf star is being fulfilled or not; it will not affect you. Whether you won; or lost it, whether you got it; or you did not get, it hardly matters; though you must play your game of golf to win; but if you lose it also; you should not be dishearten.

You have enjoyed playing your game of Golf; of Life. And that is what matters. And the day, under any circumstances, you start enjoying Life; golf, you will realize…that, you have waded through the lake; without getting wet.


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Golf, Dream and You

Golf, Dream and You…

It is your dream to become a super Golf Star. It is natural.

It may become fatal; if you have not dream in awareness. Dream could be misleading too. Mind is cunning; it might create a false notion in you. And without realizing your personal strength; capacity…you started dreaming of becoming a golf star. To fulfill your dream you started taking golf courses; you opt for a good golf club. Mind it all this preparation you are doing to fulfill your dream; of becoming golf star…without judging yourself.

This false notion, which your mind has created in you that, you are capable of becoming a golf star; might become fatal. If you fail in your adventure; you might break. You entire effort will be wasted.

Before entering your dream, yes it is possible, first judge yourself. It is possible to judge yourself; before you enter in to your dream. This is called dreaming in an aware state of mind. Awareness is a must. Awareness gives you a chance to judge yourself.

You know your capacity. But to reach this state; where you are capable of judging yourself, is a tough journey. It is tough; because you have been leading your life with a heavy load. Your mind is conditioned. You have been taught many false notions; and without realizing that these are false notions…you have been carrying this load with dignity; thinking you are aware of it.

This awareness could be false. Remember, you have to be extremely careful with your mind. Your mind is very powerful; and equally cunning…it goes on misleading you. If you are aware; you will come to know the truth about. This awareness comes through Meditation. Meditation takes you to a place where you have to drop everything. Nothing will remain. And out of this nothingness; your rebirth is possible.

This rebirth of yours will take place in an aware state of mind. And that moment onward; you entire life will be changed. And in those moments, of awareness, if you enter your dream; of becoming golf star…certainly; your dream will be realized.

To become aware try these simple methods-

  • Live in moments
  • Live your life through your entire body; not only through your mind.

Let each and every part of your body perform its own duty; for example…while reading this article, stay there; red through your eyes; do not read through your mind- do not think that you are reading this article; or do not start thinking that you are reading this article…simply read.

Whatever you do; give it your whole attention. This wholeness is a must. You have to understand this wholeness; because out of this wholeness…your awareness emerges. And that’s it. The day you become aware; the day awareness happens to you…your dream of becoming Golf Star; will come true.


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Golf, Anger, Enthusiasm, and You…

Sustained enthusiasm can create wonders for you. Uncontrolled anger can kill you. You have to understand this.

Let us create the mood first, for golf- few excerpts from already published news- “Canada’s National Open Championship returns to Jack Nicklaus- designed Oakville course for 27(th) time- Oakville, on, May 15, 2014/CNW/- stepped in history and tradition, Oakvile’s Glen abbey Golf Club has once again been named the 2015 RBC Canadian open, as announced by Golf Canada and RBC.”

“IRVING, Texas/Peter Hanon made his only back-nine birdie with a 6 –feet putt at the 11th hole Thursday, closing out a 5-under 65 for ane stroke lead ovr david Duval and two others after the first round of the Byron National championship.”

“Is it possible to lose all your body weight and unattractive flab without doing any kind of crunches, cardio, or spending any time at the gym? It seems impossible, but exactly what Kris Fondran claims that anyone can do exercise technique by taking up her innovative approach to yoga.” 

Yes, these were the news published in some newspapers; recently.

Now, anger kills many things inside you. Anger can destroy you completely…once you are in its grip. Same anger can be friendly too…if anger is in your control. If you are the owner of your entire self…nothing can defeat. It is possible to walk through the lake without getting wet.

It is simply impossible for you to reach this state.  Many things happened; since you took birth. Yoga definitely helps.

Out of your bubbling enthusiasm; you lost. That day since morning you were sure to win. You remembered everything, all techniques, which you were taught in your golf classes; what your golf couch had taught you. You took all correct and subtle move; you discussed your strategy, for your ambitious game, with your trusted friends in your golf club. You prepared yourself thoroughly; before entering the field today, but…you lost.

Anger took over; frustration rolled in…and while destroying your enemies; you destroyed yourself, completely.

Anger destroys everything. Anger can never be in you control. Because, you are not powerful, you do not know…how to control your anger? You have to understand what anger is. This understanding is a must. You have to understand what life is? You have to understand you; who are you?

It seems endless talk. And the answer is very simple. Before you start your golf practice, you always take few good move into consideration; you go for a golf course; you search the best golf couching classes, you start doing yoga; or other exercises in order to keep yourself fit. Yet, your mind is not in your control. And precisely, this is the point where your trouble starts.

Your anger becomes out of control. You cannot control anger. Anger is too powerful.

You have to simply understand; what anger is? Anger is simply an energy which is flowing inside you. You have to use this energy in a right way. For example; use this energy in your golf practice. Let us do this- Whenever you are in anger…

  • Keep quit.
  • Take few deep breath; exhale through your mouth.
  • Drink a glass of water.
  • And start your game.

This simple exercise will give you tremendous energy. Here you have used anger in a right way. But to reach this stage, where you have become capable of using your anger in a right way, you have to understand the power hidden inside you.

And to understand this you do not have to go anywhere; you do not have to go to any institute. You, yourself is the best institute.

Try this…Just think that you have to use your anger in positive way. And after sometime, you will be surprised that you have got the answer…how to use your anger in a positive way.

You are a wonderful creation of Almighty; he has equipped you with amazing powers. Only this realization, of having multiple powers inside you, has to come to you.

And this realization only comes through Meditation. Whatever ways are coming to your mind; how to meditate, use it…and just mediate. You will come to know; how through sustained enthusiasm…you can create miracles; all the best. 


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Golf, Age and You… Old Man and the Golf…

Drink the elixir slowly; deeply, and you will realize that…You are an ageless wonder.

This self realization has to come to you. Now, when we are talking about Golf and age; it reminds me of Earnest Hemingway “Old Man and the Sea”…it can be ‘Old man and the Golf’.

Inch by inch; Step by Step we all are moving towards death.

Few excerpts regarding Golf, from some print media- “There’s an old saying (perhaps from an old golfer) that the game of golf attributes to longer life. We’ve been alerted that several organized groups of golfers will be celebrating their 25thanniversary this year. Organizations like the Staten Island Women’s Golf Association, the Staten Island Men’s Senior Club as well as the Silver Lake Women’s (Monday) Club. Gee, it seems that those groups are more recent. Maybe because we remember so many that go back much longer, like the Silvettes — one of the longest running women’s golf clubs in the country and still going strong after more than 79 years. Grace Ward, a charter member of the Silvettes, is 102 years of age and that’s got to be living proof of the durability of golfers. Don “Doc” Ostrowski is one of the original members of the old “Sunrise Club” at Silver Lake and he and his bride, Josephine, will be celebrating their 65th wedding anniversary on June 22. Sure, there have been clubs of men and women players formed at Staten Island golf courses since the 1800s when courses were built. We’d rather not go too far back in our records because we’re not sure if there are any survivors.”

“Adam Scott’s ascension to golf’s world number one is in sync with his goals to emulate the feats of his boyhood idol Greg Norman. Scott, 33, will overtake Tiger Woods in next week’s rankings to become golf’s world number one for the first time. He will become the first Aussie to claim the top spot in the rankings since ‘the Great White Shark’ Norman reigned for 331 weeks in the 1980s and 1990s. Scott has often spoken about the inspirational effect Norman had on his formative golfing years and paid tribute to the two-time major winner after capturing the Masters at Augusta last year.”

“CALABASH, N.C. — Love it or hate it, you’re going to have an opinion on the 767-yard par-6 18th hole at Farmstead Golf Links. “You’ll remember it,” said Karen Hertling of Carolina Shores, N.C., who took part in a review of the course in mid-May.”

Just to bring you in mood; and to update you with latest news of golf, sometime, I keep sighting; giving excerpts from published news.

Gone are the days of your youth; you have grown old now. You start remembering your past…’those were the days when you were a golf Hero…’ You have lost nothing; still you have the same vigour; you are the same youth.

Age is in mind. I keep saying; you have to control your mind. The more you are living in moments, the younger you are becoming; you can say, in reverse gear.

The first time you started your golf practice; the first day you approached your golf coach, or the first day you joined a golf course…the stamina; the energy can be preserved, forever.

Elixir, can be obtained; through realization. This realization is of yourself, in other words you have to recognize you. Self realization is a must.  The day this self realization comes to you, that moment you will come to know that…the philosopher’s stone is within you.

You are ageless; if you are staying in moments; if you are living in moments. At any age golf is same to you. Your love for golf has not grown old; it is the same love, which you had developed in your early childhood. Feeling is always young; and so you are. Tricks are changed; new techniques have come. Keep updating yourself regarding, golf. Keep practicing. Keep accepting the challenges.

Get-up early morning; with the same enthusiasm. Accept age gracefully. The more you are moving with the nature; the more alert you are becoming, everyday. Your enthusiasm; your longing for a game of golf, has not grown old. You are the same. Yes, you have left many things behind memory lane; do not become too emotional, and do not catch these things too tightly.

You are like fresh breath. Your each and every breath is fresh; new…you can never grow old. Your mind keeps telling you; ‘do not do this, do not do that, you have grown old’…do not listen to your mind. Feel young; stay young. Whenever you go out for a golf practice, always think that this your first day.

Never leave golf coaching classes; keep consulting your golf coach. Regularly go to your golf club. The more you keep yourself occupied with golf; the more young you will feel every day.

To achieve the power of keeping yourself young; you have to meditate. Practice Meditation regularly, with yoga. And drink the elixir slowly; deeply…you will realize that… you are an ageless wonder.


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