Golf, Defeat and you…in Meditation

Golf, Defeat and You…in Meditation

Accept defeat before you start your game.

Yes, let us start with negative…do not choose; do not discard, between negative and positive…accept both. Just, accept defeat before you start your game…this acceptance is more powerful then atom.

The fear; the pain of losing, has gone; you have already accepted. Now concentrate; focus on your Golf practice.

‘Mr. Consistency’, ‘Matt Kuchar returns to the PGA tour this week’s player championship’…this was in news. His consistency brought him back; never give up…you will keep coming back.

Accept defeat first…this acceptance, mark my words, will give you a glorious victory.

It is not easy to accept defeat before you start your game. People around you; your golf course teaching; might laugh at you…accept sarcasm; accept laughter.

And start your golf practice. Nobody can defeat you. You will feel very different kind of energy flowing inside you.

Your fear for defeat has gone away…now you are plying to win. Now you are focused. To embrace a positive attitude; accept negative attitude first, it will not disturb you. You have to accept the both. You cannot choose. Both are necessary; both are interrelated. You cannot choose one and discard other; no you cannot do that…if you accept one part, other shall always stay there; so accept both.

There is no harm in accepting negative part. The moment you are accepting defeat; your win is almost certain.

Recently this was in news- ‘Tiger Wood recently wrote in his blog that he remains sore after the operation and regrets not being able to defend his title this week at the US PGA players championship’. “It is tough to miss any tournament, but specially one that is so important to the players and where I’m defending.” Wood said. ‘Slow healing Tiger Wood is not certain, when he will return’? This news was published, recently.

The attitude; the very nature; the determination Mr. Wood shows; is remarkable. And precisely that is why he is Tiger Wood.

To achieve; to become Golf Hero…accept defeat before you start your game. Now, friends…this accepting defeat is not easy. This acceptance is simply not possible; it appears so, indeed it is very difficult to accept defeat; that is too before you start your game.

But this is the Mantra; the secret.

People will yell at you; shouting Escapist…accept and enjoy the shout. Only one thing you have to do…while accepting defeat before the game; stay alert.

Stay with moments; do not run; do not jump. Stay firmly with moments. Start your golf practice…staying in moments.

Remember you jump; you break the rule, and you err.

Staying in golf practice, after accepting defeat…is Meditation. And a meditative golf practice will not only give you a hero status…you might be inching towards Enlightenment, all the best.


Stop Press: This is mind control exercise. And this exercise has immense power. Staying in moment is not finish here…we will talk again. If Meditation sounds interesting to you...Click Here




Golf, Meditation and You

A deep conversation is needed; look within…go for a self talk; talk to yourself…and nothing is impossible.

Golfer, J.B.Holmes went through a brain surgery…after couple of years, wins his first PG A Tour victory needs to be applauded…Congrats.

How he did it? ’He was happy to be there’ and this sums up everything. It has a very deep meaning. Simply being there is the point. Wherever your are simply stay there. This is the point; where all games begin.

And beginning is important; if you miss the beginning, you will miss the entire game. Somewhere one has to begin. Age does not matter. You have to be there; wherever you are.

You are never here. And this is the problem. This is not the problem for Golf; this problem goes everywhere along with you. Wherever you are, you are never there. You are never here. You are always thinking something. When you are playing; you are not playing…your mind is playing golf.

Hands are not playing; mind is playing. Mind is important to you. Mind is very powerful. And your mind is ruling you. You are in control of your mind.

You have to understand this. You should not be in control of your mind; rather you should control your mind. Become the master; become the master of your mind. Your entire being is blissful.

The day you start living through your entire body…Golf will appear new to you. 

Determination; focus, these are the key words. And off course longing has to be there; unless you wish for it.

Unless you converse with you; unless you talk to you, nothing will happen.

If you wish to create wonders in Golf…try this-

  • Early morning take a bath
  • Stay alone at a secluded place; either outdoor, or indoor, remember it has to secluded, private.
  • Stand nude; no cloths- plan your game.
  • Talk to yourself; Plan; set strategy; whatever you have learnt  doing golf course; remember all- keep conversing with you.

Here you are the teacher; you are the student; you are asking questions; you are answering answers. Continue the conversation, and after getting all answers…plane your own strategy; Virgin Strategy.

Now come out; go and play your game. Mark my words do this; try this…and see the result; you will create miracles…in Golf.

This is the game you are in love with.  Yes, to get a better result; whatever techniques we are talking here is not easy to achieve. It appears simple; certainly it is not easy to achieve.

The only way to get it; or come near it, is Meditation.

Unless you know yourself; it is not possible. We are talking something which nobody would have talked to you, or told you till now. This is important. You have to understand you. This ‘you’ is important.

To Meditate; there are many techniques. Whatever techniques of meditation you come across, do all; and then select the best. And whatever techniques suits you do it.

There are many techniques, choice is yours. You have to meditate. Mind control is very important. And this you can do; only if you practice meditation.

When you are playing; you know it very well that concentration is needed. How you will do it? Many thoughts keep coming to you. When, you are playing, along with Golf, many other things starts coming to your mind. Because, all through your life; you have been living through your mind. If you are playing you are not playing; you are not playing…you are thinking that you are playing. You are thinking ahead; along with many things.

You have to concentrate. And this concentrate is not easy to do. It is very difficult to concentrate. You mind is active all the time. How to control your mind? Meditate.

Yes, Meditation is the answer. Golf is a wonderful game. And seriously if you develop love for it; you should meditate.  Meditation will give many things. It takes time; have patience. Patience also comes through Meditation. Meditate; play your game…and watch Miracles in happening- all the best.


PS: Click Here …if techniques of Meditation sounds intresting.

Golf and Meditation…moving ahead

Golf and Meditation…

And since I keep relating, Golf with Meditation…let-us keep going. Let-we keep moving.

Relaxation exercises, you may call it a Golf Course, in a unique way

Like meditation is a must, if you wish to keep yourself fit. They are various methods, for meditation. I have discovered a new method. And that method is…Golf.

To realize, you have to practice it. A unique experience, you will feel. After finishing a tiring game, you will fresh…as if, just now you have come out, after taking a relaxing Shower.

It’s very simple; it’s about Mind Control…How to control your mind.

Off course, mind is very powerful…be careful, mind is equally cunning. Sometimes it, deceives you. Sometimes, when you practice your Golf Meditation…it might appear to you, that you are getting something; something is happening to you- stay extremely alert, it might be a hallucination. It might be a false notion. Your mind is showing you a wrong picture…and you’re thinking, it is a reality.

Your golf courses have been teaching you, various method, and skills; how to apply…when you are playing. Meditation Techniques, is a unique method.

Mostly this happens. False notions, wrong impressions, do come. That’s, why, sometimes, you might have observed, after practicing Yoga, Meditation for years, nothing happens, you are the same. Same anxiety is staying. You keep getting panic attacks. Your meditation has given you nothing. It is false.

You are not feeling fresh, after finishing your game. You might start losing interest in golf. You might think that you were better, before you started meditation. It might appear to you, that Meditation is wrong.

This happens quite often, even to the people who are practicing meditation, since ages.

Entire concept is wrong. This happens, because your mind is controlling. Yes, mind is very cunning. You have been living through your mind, all the time. Shed this habit immediately.

Your existence, your entire body is holy. Start living through your entire body, and see the difference.

How, if interested in knowing more on this, you have to be in constant touch with the techniques of meditation. Ply your golf, in a meditative way, and feel the difference…little more, on Golf and Meditation, in my next article.

Till then…stay there, wherever you are. Your mind will take you somewhere else, do no go. Do not get controlled…Control your mind, how? I can suggest a blog








Golf and You

Have you ever tried to link, your game of golf with meditation? Have you ever made, or played your game, meditatively.

If your answer is yes, then you know your journey very well. If your answer is no, then you must try, and then experience the Miracle in happening. Some people go for a Golf Course. Then, they start practicing.

The love for your game, takes you to a Golf Club. You join a club, to stay in touch with your fellow players. This preparation, for your game, is all right. Try adding something more. You must have noticed, after finishing your game, you feel tired. Sometimes, you do not want to play. You are not happy. Something is missing in your life, though you have achieved everything.

You are rich, you are successful. You are powerful. Then what is the missing point? And how, a game of Golf can solve your problems?

You are getting bored in your golf club. You are regularly going for a famous, golf course. But these things are not exciting any more. Same routine, you are having, every day. You have lost the charm. Gradually, your entire life has started appearing dull to you.

In spite of achieving, almost everything in your life…you have lost interest. Nothing is exciting you anymore. To remove this, you joined a golf course. But nothing happened; your boredom is not going. Suddenly, amidst everybody, you start feeling lonely.

You golf club is not helping you. You feel boring, there. If these things are, happening with you, this quite happens, with many of you. So, if these things are happening with you, you must come of it immediately. How?

That’s why; I asked you in the beginning of this article, above, that…’have you ever played golf meditatively?’

Just try, when playing golf…Stay there. Mostly when you are playing, you are never there in your game. You are always either thinking about you business, or something else, or you are somewhere, in your future, thinking something, or you are thinking about your past.

You are never there in the game. Your body is playing, you mind is somewhere else. This Division is false. Do not do this.

  • Just play.
  • Stay there.
  • Play with your entire body, including mind.

If still confusing. If still, you are not getting anything. Then I suggest…learn Meditation. And to learn, whatever method comes, to your mind, do it. You can read blogs, which tells you about the techniques of meditation…

We will talk more…but only if you want to know, if you want to talk. I must get your reaction.

Very simple thing, I would like to share with you, if you really want kill this panic attacks, and fatigue in your life, through Golf, then…while playing golf, become golf.